My name is Leku Ivan. I am an artist from Uganda. I am 23 years old and art is what changed my life since I was little.

I grew up with a passion for art. When I was in my primary school I used to draw everywhere I was able which meant there were cartoons all over my school books.

Unfortunately growing up was difficult and my family did not support my art. Over time I ended up at an orphanage and I met a family who began supporting my art and allowed me to go and earn my certificate and diploma in industrial art.

I am now saving for my degree level, slowly slowly. I have been doing a lot of research online while doing my art on the streets of Gulu, Northern Uganda.

I am so grateful that right now I can teach my art to disabled youth and I now have a nice art studio/store.

I and I, we can help to promote art culture. Thank you for all your support.

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Phone: +256 783215843